Spero Novo Center for Natural Health

Spero Novo Center for Natural Health

Programs and Services

Health Coaching

A comprehensive transformational health program with support and accountability utilizing a 1:1 personal Health Coach as well as a support team with both virtual support and in person gatherings. This program is unique in that it offers multiple modalities within the program that assist clients in learning and implementing lifelong healthy micro habits. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle mass, lower body fat percentage, gain weight, or maybe your goals are simply to improve energy, sleep, and/or mindset, I have a plan for you. Once you have completed the health assessment form, we will schedule a call to go over your goals together and determine which plan will fit your desired goals.

Bio-Energy Assessments

I perform a non-invasive bio-energetic assessment that measures conductivity in the body to help identify energetic imbalances, potential toxic influences such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, mold toxins, persistent sensitivities, allergies and much more. The energetic pathway is accessed and measured by using a probe on the meridian system the acupuncture points of the hands and feet. Once the evaluation is complete and imbalances have been identified I then utilize the bio-energy tool to assess which herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional therapies to consider utilizing that will assist in restoring balance to the individual’s system.

EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) was developed by a German medical doctor and engineer, Dr. Reinhold Voll in the late 1940’s. Bio-energy analysis is not a standard diagnostic tool and is not used to determine a condition or disease. Rather, it measures the energetic system of the meridians in the body and we utilize this information to evaluate the client’s health and well-being.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Reiki is a gentle non-invasive form of energy healing where practitioners place their hands directly above the body or may also use a light touch. The name Reiki consists of two Japanese words. “Rei” can mean universal, spirit, divine, or terminology of the same meaning. “Ki” refers to life force energy. Reiki can then be translated as universal life force energy. Reiki energy is only positive energy and goes where it needs to. Although Reiki often incorporates spirituality for many people, this is not required and Reiki will work, regardless of the religious beliefs of both the practitioner and client. Reiki is not connected to any religion and is practiced by people of all major religions around the world.  Reiki is used and endorsed in prestigious hospitals throughout the world, including the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, and is also recognized by the World Health Organization. Reiki compliments all other forms of healing, including the use of pharmaceuticals, surgery, psychological care, and other forms of treatments. Reiki was discovered and developed in Japan in the late 1800’s by Mikao Usui.

Benefits of Reiki may include:

James L. Oschman, Ph. D., one of the leading authorities on the science of energy medicine, provides a simple science-based definition. 

“Healing energy, whether produced by a medical device or projected from the human body, is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues.” 

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose and Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment. Reiki should be used as a compliment therapy to medical treatment. 

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code, developed by chiropractor and renowned holistic practitioner Dr Brdley Nelson, is an energy healing therapy that help identify negative emotions from past trauma or stress events that have become trapped within the energetic pathway in the body. Once identified the emotions are then energetically released. Trapped emotions may disrupt, happiness, lead to depression, feelings of anxiousness, all sorts of mental health conditions and due to their influence on the physical tissue may eventually even lead to pain and physical illnesses. They many interfere with an individual’s ability to give and receive love. These negative emotional energy blockages may also impede the ability of an individual to succeed and reach their highest potential. Releasing these trapped emotions may facilitate a healing environment within the body.


Dr. Nelson has found from experience that 93% of people have a Heart-Wall. Following a time of trauma, deep grief or loss, trapped emotions within the body may become lodged near the heart region forming a “Heart-Wall”. This energy wall is formed by the subconscious mind as a way to protect the heart from further heartache. Having a “Heart-Wall” may make a person numb to emotions and may make it more difficult to give and receive love. Having a “Heart-Wall” may also block the energy flow within the body, disrupting the healing process within the body and may lead to pain and physical symptoms.

Benefits of Emotion Code Therapy and removal of a Heart-Wall may help:

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